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Compact Anemometer

Standard Compact Anemometer:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Strong and Light Weight Titanium Rotor Hub
  • Anti-ice Coated Shaft Tower
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Compact Profile and Light Weight
  • .50" O.D. Tubing Mount
  • Field Replaceable Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Internal Over Voltage Protection

Technical Specifications:

Anemometer Output
Analog output voltage is low level AC sine wave with frequency linearly proportional to wind speed
Anemometer Performance and Transfer Functions
Maximum Speed 230+ mph or 102.82 + m/s
Distance Constant @ 63% Recovery 35.30 ft or 10.76 m
Characteristic Transfer Function V[m/s] = .638 x f[Hz] + .71
Measuring Range 0 mph to 230 mph or 0 m/s to 102.82 m/s
Starting Threshold All Positions Averaged 2.70 mph or 1.21 m/s
Starting Threshold @ Optimum Flow Position 1.54 mph or 0.69 m/s
Accuracy Test Range 8.97 mph to 100.60 mph or 4.01 m/s to 44.97 m/s
Accuracy within Range with Characteristic Transfer Function .2 mph or .1 m/s
Electrical Technical Data
Transducer Voltage 20mv/mph
Single Coil Bobbin wound, 4100 turns of #41 wire
Magnet 4-Pole
Materials of Construction
Shaft Tower 316 stainless steel
Shaft Hardened 303 stainless steel
Anemometer Housing 316 stainless steel
Cups, Arms, and Rotor Assembly 316 stainless steel, Titanium
Bearings C-BRN0203OF double shielded, hardened stainless steel balls
Physical Dimensions
Height 4.25 inches or 107.95 mm
Weight .942 pounds or 427.28 grams
Body Diameter 1.50 inches or 38.10 mm
Swept Diameter of Rotor 5.5 inches or 139.70 mm
Rotor Cup Conical Cross-Section 2.196 inches or 55.77 mm
Electrical Connections for Heater and Signal Cables
Cable End 108” cable split with bare leads
Cable 2 conductors, 20 gauge, shielded, with drain, PVC jacket
Tools Required for Mounting, Installation, and Maintenance
Tools 1/8, 5/32, inch Allen wrench and .25 inch pin
Mounting 0.5 inch or 12.7 mm diameter mast with set screws
Environmental Specifications
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 100% RH
Bearing Operating Temperature -65°F to 300°F or -54°C to 148°C
Anemometer Protection
Climatic Protection Protection against water, high humidity, salt spray, and dust
Calibration Test Standards
ASTM D 5096-02 Standard Test Method for Determining the Performance of a Cup or Propeller Anemometer
ISO 17713-1 Meteorology Wind Measurements Part 1: Wind Tunnel Test Methods for Rotation Anemometer Performance

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Now you can purchase these products directly through our sister website: Off Grid Options

AS Richards anemometer, compact, std, AC output, uncoated

Please call +1-507-454-2727
for ordering details.

Part: APRS6520
Weight: 0.94 lbs

AS Richards anemometer, compact, standard, AC frequency output, uncoated rotor (C5C-1263-1-AC).

The Richards C5C Compact Anemometer is the perfect sensor for wind resource analysis projects for the wind industry. For low power consumption, it provides a low level AC frequency output. This anemometer is made completely from high grade stainless steel and Titanium for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

This is a special order item that may require a two week lead time prior to shipping.

Mounting Options:

AS Richards, buck horn wind sensor crossarm

Please call +1-507-454-2727
for ordering details.

Part: APRS6530
Weight: 6.64 lbs

The BHC-36-C-SS Buck Horn Wind Sensor Crossarm is a heavy duty, stainless steel wind sensor mounting platform for C5C series anemometers and D5C series wind vanes. The arm is used to securely mount two wind sensors horizontally on a common mast.

914 mm (36 in) span, 13 mm (0.5 in) O.D. sensor mounts, 1" female NPT, 316 stainless steel (BHC-36-C-SS).

This is a special order item that may require a two week lead time prior to shipping.

AS Richards, wind sensor mast adapter

Please call +1-507-454-2727
for ordering details.

Part: APRS6531
Weight: 1.05 lbs

Mast adapter, 152 mm (6 in) long, 1" NPT female, solid 316 stainless steel (C-MMA-16-06).

For applications requiring only a single anemometer or wind vane mounted on a mast or pole.

This is a special order item that may require a two week lead time prior to shipping.

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