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The Wind Data Logger is one of APRS World LLC's original products and is by far our most popular. Our website is chocked full of technical information about this product, it's many package options and available accessories. The menu on the left will direct you to the information you need.

Wind Data Logger Pricing Quick Links

Packages for Indoor Installations Solar Powered Self‑Contained AC Powered Self‑Contained

The Wind Data Logger is offered in a variety of packages and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The links above provide pricing information for the available package options. All of these options are built around the same Wind Data Logger module, which is described in detail below.


The Wind Data Logger is designed to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation and wind generator performance. It easily supports both simple and complex monitoring applications. The Wind Data Logger records wind speed, gust, and direction, as well as time and date, temperature, battery voltage and other important wind parameters. Capable of recording wind speed up to three anemometers, it is ideal for more complex studies involving multiple wind speed instruments and other sensors.

SD Card

Recording directly to a Secure Digital (SD™) card provides convenient data downloads and stores many months of data at 30 second intervals and years of data at longer logging intervals, resulting in fewer trips to retrieve data from the Wind Data Logger. For your convenience, a new file is created and saved to the card each day. Important: The Wind Data Logger is compatible with SD cards up to 2GB. It will not work with Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards. We highly recommend purchasing additional or replacement SD cards directly from us as all SD cards we sell have been tested and guaranteed to work in the Wind Data Logger.

Using the recorded data is simple. The SD™ card is inserted into a card reader attached to the USB port on your computer (Windows, Macintosh and Linux) and will then show up as a drive. To view and graph the data, click on the spreadsheet corresponding to the day of interest. Microsoft Excel,, or practically any spreadsheet program can be used to view, graph, and analyze your wind data.

What It Does

The Wind Data Logger collects data from wind sensors, weather sensors, analog inputs, and system parameters including:

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  • Adjustable Logging Interval: The logging interval is adjustable from 10 to 60,000 seconds (16.6 hours) in one-second increments. For most applications, a 60-second interval is ideal.
  • Sensors and Mounting: The wind sensors can be located hundreds of feet away from the Wind Data Logger. APRS World, LLC has a complete line of sensors and mounting solutions. The Wind Data Logger is compatible with almost any type of anemometer including those from NRG Systems and Davis Instruments.
  • Display: A 16-character x 2 line backlit LCD screen displays current information and is used for configuring the data logger. A simple menu-driven interface using the LCD and three front panel buttons make setup easy. A bright backlight makes the data logger easy to use at night.

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