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PS2Tap: Inverter monitoring of current and historical conditions for power and energy, utility voltage, and inverter health

  • Remote inverter stop and reset from password protected web page
  • E-mail notification of any turbine outage
  • Wireless module installs inside inverter
  • Uses customer's always on internet connection
  • Remote inverter front panel
  • Free software for local display and logging
PS2 Status

PS2 Status: Remote status indicator

  • Glows green when turbine is online
  • Relay output for integration with other alarms or monitoring

XL.1 and Excel battery chargers for off-grid: Display for power, energy, voltage, and current

  • Easy to read
  • Optional internet monitoring

All Bergey turbines: Weather monitoring for

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • And any other sensor you can imagine

Screen Shots

Inverter or Complete Monitoring available directly from APRS World, LLC

5kw Bergey