WTAPRS Specialized Tools▼

WTAPRS Specialized Tools

WTAPRS drill drive adapter for testing

$20.00 USD

Part: APRS8567
Weight: 0.25 lbs

Adapter for spinning WTAPRS or Lambda wind turbines with a drill. Used when bench or field testing wind turbine. Spinning turbine to 600+ RPM will generate power.

Instruction sheet at: http://www.aprsworld.com/wtaprs/WT10/documents/driveAdapterSetup.WT10.1.pdf

WTAPRS installation connector keeper

$15.00 USD

Part: APRS8568
Weight: 0.50 lbs

Used for installing WTAPRS wind turbine. Prevents connector and drop cord from falling down the mast. Allows easy mating of WTAPRS turbine to connector. Made from 10 gauge steel.

Instruction sheet at: http://www.aprsworld.com/wtaprs/WT10/documents/dropCableInstall.WT10.1.pdf