WTAPRS Turbine Control Panel▼

WTAPRS Turbine Control Panel


The Turbine Control Panel provides a safe, easy, compact and economical balance of system for APRS World's WTAPRS wind turbines. It integrates three phase turbine run / stop switch, three phase bridge rectifier, DC distribution, over-current protection, dump controller and data acquisition / telemetry equipment ... all in one box! The Turbine Control Panel has limitless configuration options.


  • 16 gauge powder coated steel
  • Hinged covers for power compartment and instrumentation compartment
  • Massive heatsink for rectifier and optional electronic turbine control
  • Arctic Ultraflex and/or fine stranded wired wire used throughout
    • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Made in USA!


Power Compartment

  • Three-phase turbine connection block
    • Accommodates #2/0 to 14 gauge input wiring
  • Run / stop switch for turbine
    • Shorts all phases in stop position
  • Bridge rectifier
    • Three-phase
    • 800V, 50 amp rated
  • 130 amp DC negative bus bar
    • Four 6mm(.25in) -20 studs
  • Six breaker slots with positive bus bar
    • For Carling CA breakers available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 amp with 150 VDC operating voltage and 10,000 amps interrupting current
  • Two 19mm (.75in) knockouts on bottom, ample room on side(s) for additional or larger knockouts

Low Voltage Instrumentation Compartment

  • Double-gang knockout on front cover for APRS World, LLC Wind Data Logger
  • Mounting location for lightning protector terminal board
  • Undedicated DIN rail for
    • Breakers
    • Converters
    • Terminals blocks
    • Sensors
      • Voltage
      • Current
      • Turbine RPM
      • Many others
  • Three 22mm (.88in) grommeted holes (12.7mm (.5in) knockout) to power compartment
  • Mounting location for 48 volt to 24 volt DC/DC converter

Additional & optional controllers

  • Morningstar TriStar on left or right side
    • For dump control
  • Morningstar TriStar MPPT on left or right side
    • For solar charging
    • For using 24 volt turbine with 12 volt battery (requires electronic turbine control option)
  • Morningstar SunSaver internally mounted in power compartment
    • Solar charging
    • Low voltage disconnect (24 volt only)
  • APRS World, LLC APO524 low voltage disconnect internally mounted in power compartment
    • 60 amp LVD
    • Latching contactor design to reduce power waste