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As a professional small wind installer, we do not consider a Bergey/Power-Sync system complete without a PS2Tap. The PS2Tap rounds out the overall installation by giving the end user data that is otherwise unavailable or, at best, difficult to obtain. Turbines are too large an investment to not know what's going on. The PS2Tap will indeed be "standard issue" on any/all future Bergey installs that Pipkin Electric performs. Eric Pipkin
— Eric Pipkin, Owner
Pipkin Electric, Inc.
Roy Rakobitsch Power quality issues based on Utility shortcomings were compromising my customer’s power production for too long. After installing the PS2Tap, I was able to identify faults in real time and troubleshoot the wind system and inverter remotely. Based on stored production data and the fault log, I successfully proved my case against the Utility company . . . all Thanks to the WorldData service! Now the electric company has corrected their problems and the system’s back up and running smoothly. Customer and installer are happy! (From now on, I wouldn’t install a Bergey without one!)
— Roy Rakobitsch, Owner
Windsine Inc.