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Replacement Cables

Cables wear over time and they will need to be replaced. Don't let a broken cable stop you from finishing your project. Ordering details can be found below.

Part Number Description
APRS7514 Cable, anemometer or wind vane, for crane logger, 5 m (16.4 ft)
APRS7531 Battery jumper cable for cabu cellular gateway, 15.2 m (50 ft)

Pelican Case

Want to protect your hardware from the elements or a trip across the country? Our Pelican Cases offer the protection you will need. Includes foam pre-cut for Crane Logger sensors and accessories.

Part Number Description
APRS7519 Shipping and storage case for crane logger sensors and accessories


You may purchase a charger that keeps the Crane Logger battery and other 12 volt batteries charged while being stored or during maintenance. This is useful, because the battery will deplete itself if not being used otherwise. Includes cable specialized connector for charging carne logger while case is closed.

Part Number Description
APRS7512 Battery charger, automatic, for storage/maintenance

Other Accessories

We offer miscellaneous accessories that will make your job easier.

Part Number Description
APRS7511 Install kit for Wind Speed Logger