Crane Mounts

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Universal Tubular Boom Attachment Kit

Our Crane Loggers come with a Tubular Mount that attaches to most lattice cranes. Our customers commonly require a mount that fits a variety of cranes. Recognizing this need, we have developed the Universal Tubular Boom Attachment Kit.

Key Features
  • Included cushioned u-bolts fit a variety of lattice pipe sizes
  • Allows easy transfer between different types of cranes

Universal Bolt-on Tip Mount

Sometimes the boom of a crane can get in the way of wind readings. In order to get our sensors in an unobstructed location, we recommend the Bolt-on Tip Mount. We typically use this mount for our anemometer sensor on Manitowoc Cranes.

Key Features
  • Pivots as crane raises and lowers so that wind readings can be as accurate as possible
  • Bolts on to the tip of the crane, freeing it from the shadow of the crane boom and allowing sensors to get unobstructed wind readings
  • Mounting plate can be field-drilled to fit any bolt pattern