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Crane Logger Trouble Shooting

Why doesn't it get signal?
The cabu unit requires that the antenna is unobstructed. A lot of times, the reason for no signal on the unit stems from the antenna falling down behind your seat. Check to make sure that the antenna is visible.
Why is the cabu fan running at all times?
The fan is used to cool the components inside the cabu unit. A lot of times the fan will be blocked by an object causing no air to flow into the unite. Make sure that the fan is unobstructed.
How do I see wind conditions from my phone?
Live conditions can be found at link

Ordering Questions

How much does this cost?
The Crane Logger and in-cab display are incredibly feature rich. Due to the many options and customizations, the price can vary. If you would like a quote you can either:
Call Us At: +1-507-454-2727
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Do I have to install this myself?
We actually recommend that you have us install the cranelogger unit. You can find more information on our services page.