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Crane Logger

To maximize productivity and ensure the safety of your crane operations, APRS World, LLC, offers the Crane Wind Speed Logger. Bolted to the tip of the crane, our Crane Logger provides data logging for historical records of wind conditions and live data for safety and operational decisions. Our design philosophy is that data is most important. Data is downloaded wirelessly from a laptop computer running the supplied software. No cables to run. With an optional in cab Wind Speed Display, live data can be viewed by the crane operator.

Package Contents
  • Industrial wind data logger, stainless steel housing, wireless
  • Anemometer, Wind tunnel calibrated, accurate to 0.1 m/s
  • Anemometer mount, pivoting, stainless steel
  • Solar panel and mounting bracket for top of crane boom
  • Transit cases, Pelican, nearly indestructible
  • Mounting hardware, stainless steel
  • Anemometer cable, 3.7m (12’), continuous flex rated
  • Illustrated installation and operation instructions
  • Wireless modem, USB, and cable for laptop
  • Download software for Microsoft Windows™
  • Warranty, one year, hardware
  • A RoHS compliant version is available as a special order item

Starting at $10,000

Crane Logger Cut Sheet
Crane Wind Speed Logger Cut Sheet

Refurb & Recertification Services

Refurb & Recertification costs may vary. Please call for more information.

Installation & Training Services

Occasionally, our clients need product maintenance immediately and cannot wait for an APRS World Employee to be on site. This is why we offer training in the use and maintenance of our products.

Installation and Training costs may vary. Please call for more information.

Crane Logger Related Parts

Part Number Description
APRS7550 Wind Speed Logger, wireless, for cranes
APRS7510 Wind speed display, wireless, for use with Crane Wind Data Logger
APRS7512 Battery charger, automatic, for storage/maintenance
APRS7514 Cable, anemometer or wind vane, for crane logger, 5 m (16.4 ft)
APRS7516 Wind vane (wind direction) add-on for Crane Wind Speed Logger
APRS7517 Universal tubular boom attachment kit for pivoting sensor mount
APRS7518 Laptop computer for crane logger data retrieval
APRS7519 Shipping and storage case for crane logger sensors and accessories
APRS7530 Cabu communications and in-cab display package for crane logger
APRS7601 Universal Bolt-on Tip Mount, Pivoting, for Wind Sensor

Crane Logger Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
APRS6506 Anemometer, #40HC
APRS6507 Wind vane, NRG #200P
APRS7010 RF Modem, USB, 802.15.4 XBee-PRO
APRS7511 Install kit for Wind Speed Logger
APRS7531 Battery jumper cable for cabu cellular gateway, 15.2 m (50 ft)
APRS7600 Mounting plate, for universal bolt-on tip mount
APRS7602 Pivoting head for universal bolt-on tip mount
APRS7603 rdLogger circuit board assembly, for Crane Wind Speed Logger
APRS7604 Power lightning circuit board assembly, for Crane Wind Speed Logger
APRS7605 Wireless communications module, 2.4Ghz, 802.15.4, for Crane Wind Speed Logger
APRS6607 Anemometer to 12.7 mm (0.5 in) NPT female adapter, stainless steel